Must Have Programs for Linux

I do all my work in Linux and I have a few programs I could not live without. The programs I like serve a variety of purposes and this list may grow.


A powerful, tiling windows manager. i3 is an awesome windows manager that helps me be productive and stay organized as I work. Here is a taste of what is going on while I write this post.

My Setup


An awesome program for navigating the command line. Autojump stores where you cd into and you can type j and part of the directory name you want to be in and j will guess where you want to be and get you there.


Another command line tool. Tree gives you a prettier output than ls and shows subdirectories and files. And when you pass it the -L flag followed by a number it will only show items to that many layers below current level.


Always use for quick edits of text files. I love not having to leave the Terminal.


Used to sync all of my school files and have them readily accessible from my tablet, phone or even a school computer.


A handy little program that monitors file system events and pipes output to your programs. Used to write this handy little script that runs the command you set everytime a file is changed in a directory. I use it all the time to rebuild a project after I update something. Works extremely well with Makefiles. This script is a child of Seve and I.